The Danger of Facebook Bans

Facebook bans people who have anti left/progressive/feminist/BLM/liberal opinions. This has been seen time and time again in the last few years. It is becoming so commonplace for people to get banned that some make several accounts just to communicate on the platform.

The danger of Facebook bans is that Facebook is the largest social media platform for exchanging ideas and communicating. For example, during my current 30 day ban I can’t communicate with a variety of people or manage my Facebook group for my podcast. Though a minor hinderance, it serves as a reminder for constitutionalists, who are generally conservative. Facebook is privately owned. They can ban whoever they want. However, Facebook allows people to communicate with each other all over the world. As we spend more years with the internet we slowly understand how rapidly society changes. We have freedom of speech vs. power of speech. We do not all have equal voices. This becomes a problem when we politically have different power of our own voice. We need to find ways to combat leftist ideology. Whether it’s ANTIFA protests or Facebook bans. It isn’t white vs. black. Men vs. women. It is officially us against the left.

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  1. Mij
    May 22, 2017 at 1:44 am

    On my main account, Facebook required me to upload a photo of myself so they could verify who I was before allowing me to use my account after my timeout ended. So they locked me out for a week, then they make me upload a current photo like its a mug shot or something. I get banned for just chatting with friends. I know its not someone reporting me. Its some program they run looking for flagged words form flagged users. Im not calling someone a faggot, im just using the word faggot while talking to friends.

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