The Case For And Against White Nationalism

The Case For White Nationalism

In the last decade there has been increasing anti white sentiments both in terms of volume and vitriolic nature. With the advent of prejudice + power = racism, black people cannot be racist against white people. In a white majority country where white people will become a minority by 2043 and social acceptance of pejorative white criticism, I more than understand a push for a white ethnostate.

You can’t try to bully and criticize a majority race in a country, accuse all of them of being racist and be surprised when there’s a resurgence of white nationalism. If you’re a white man, depending on where you live, it may socially behoove you to join a white nationalist movement instead of constantly acknowledging your white privilege and being encouraged to feel low about yourself. When some people see black people being proud of their race and heritage, they want to be able to do the same. Mind you there are a lot of white nationalists that are non violent, like Richard Spencer. We see much more violence from anti-racist groups then we do from white nationalist groups.

Also, labeling white nationalist groups as hate groups is a misnomer. The choice to not mix races, and set up a white only area is a choice and honestly, how can you criticize white people are wanting white only spaces, and not black people for wanting black only spaces? If you’re creating black only spaces, you’re also guilty of creating white only spaces. Also, if you google black successful countries, the results aren’t good. So there are DEFINITELY valid reason to be a white nationalists and believe what they believe. White countries are prosperous.


The Case Against White Nationalism

Personally, and according to my dick, I’m completely fine with race mixing. You shouldn’t have pure bred humans. It makes us genetically stronger to cross breed. You can fuck away the African propensity to have sickle cell anemia and the white fragility when it comes to the Sun in a generation or two. On a macro level, races don’t get along. However, when multiculturalism works, it works exponentially well. The largest obstacle to a poorly functioning multiculturalist society is ignorance (mostly seen on the right) and obstinate reluctance to retain a culture (mostly seen on the left.)

Multiculturalism was well on it’s way to thriving in the 90’s and early 2000’s before the Great Idea Depression that third wave feminism brought stripping humanity of equality of difference. this is where personal freedom comes into play. Some areas work better segregated. Some areas don’t. In some places in this country we should draw a line in the sand and in some places multiculturalism works. Boston for example. Huge melting pot. Works great. I interact with Indians, Ugandans, Haitians, Jamaicans, Mexicans, Brazilians, Puerto Ricans, Nigerians, Chinese, South East Asian etc. regularly on a week to week basis. My neighborhood is extremely multiracial as well. I routinely make of the dude that works at the liquor store for being Moroccan and we both bust each other’s balls.


Most white nationalists aren’t violent and have a basis for their beliefs. However, in order to have a strong country, we need to be be able to coexist with one another. Most importantly, we have to be able to make fun of each other.

Also, watch Richard Spencer and Charles Barkley about race. It’s hilarious.

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