I Don’t Believe In A Biological Race

There’s breeds in dogs. There’s races in humans. The differentiator seems to be controlled, intentional breeding. This is where the “racial” discrepancy comes into play. When there is controlled breeding, there are genes and traits that are retained throughout generations. However, when it comes to the human “race”, we have free breeding. Meaning almost all of us are mutts. The fulcrum of my point is that GEOGRAPHY and CULTURE play a larger part in a person’s biology than “genetic race.”

For example, Sub-Saharan Africans have a higher propensity for sickle cell anemia. This has nothing to do with them being “black” or “of African decent.” It has to do with environmental factors or, GEOGRAPHY. What affects the genealogy isn’t being black, it’s exposure to Malaria. White people in that same GEOGRAPHY would also have similar health risks. Another example. If a “white” person vacations in Mexico they are told to not drink the water. It isn’t because they aren’t “Mexican”, it’s because they don’t live in Mexico. Mexican Mestizos have a certain resistance to that bacteria simply because they live in that locale. A “white” person would adapt over time and if they had offspring, that offspring’s gut bacteria would be able to handle the water easier than an adult “white” male born and raised in the USA.

Africans aren’t faster and stronger just because they’re black. GEOGRAPHY and CULTURE. Chinese and Indians aren’t intellectual just because they’re Chinese and Indian. It is in their CULTURE to be educated. This is why foreign born Africans such as Nigerians and Ghanaians, outperform whites and Asians in the USA in college. Black Americans do not have the same CULTURAL focus on education as their African counterparts. It isn’t that black people are inherently dumber, it’s their environment and CULTURE that increase or decrease the willingness to use their aptitude. Not everyone is born equal, however being born a color or “race” does not biologically determine a person worth or intellect

Black dudes don’t have giant cocks just because they’re black. Oh wait they do. Nevermind. There is a biological race. Proven by the sheer girth and prowess as seen in every black man ever. Bye bye now.

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