Know Your Brown People And Their Hats

Let me clarify as to what I mean by brown people. You hear “Middle Eastern” and “Muslim” and “Arab” a lot. Let’s break down these brownies and their funny little hats so you know who is who. Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus are religions and not ethnicites, however most of them are brown. There are several variations to the Muslim hats, Kurdish hats and Arabic hats. Sikh hats are often always the same.


There are roughly 1.2 – 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide. Indonesia has around 205 million (87% of population). There’s around 3.3 million Muslims in the USA.


There are roughly 1.1 billion Hindus worldwide. India has 1 billion (80% of population). There’s around 3.2 million Hindus in the USA.


There are roughly 27 million Sikhs worldwide. India has almost 21 million (14% of population). There’s around 600,000 in the USA.


Kurds are an ethnicity and not a religion. There are roughly 30 – 37 million Kurds worldwide. There are an estimated 17,000 in the USA.


Arabs are an ethnicity and not a religion. There are roughly 366 – 450 million Arabs worldwide. There are around 3.5 million Arabs in the USA.

Kurds don’t have their own land. They’re probably the largest ethnic group with out a unified state. Their lineage possibly dates back to 3rd millenium B.C. They have no unified religion and consist of Jews, Muslims and Christians. They’re essentially the original, indiginous people of the Middle east. We have Native Americans. they are native Middle easterners. In recent years they have created their own communities or diaspora in Europe and more specifically Germany. Kurds assimilate with Western culture rather well.
Arabian Peninsula Map
Arabs precede Islam. Just like Kurds, being Arab means just as much as being Native American. However, with the introduction of Islam around 632 AD, a cultural shift began as the Muslim faith spread throughout the world’s largest peninsula. Oil reserves were discovered in the 1930’s which has brought the area enormous wealth. The Arab League was formed in Cairo, Egypt in 1945 in order to unify distant Arab nations and most importantly, make a dope baseball team so they can win a trophy.




For people who know next to nothing about people who wear head coverings, Arabs, Middle Eastern people and Muslims, it looks like they often mean brown, uncivilized people. Also, it comes up when talking about religious extremism and terrorism. If there has been a terror attack, there is a good chance that person is Muslim. However, ignorant people need to stop projecting what they see onto peaceful Muslims and even more importantly, non-Muslims. Sikhs have been targeted because they were mistaken as Muslim terrorists.

Here’s the thing. You shouldn’t just walk up to a Muslim and kill them. We get it. However, virtually all religious extremism that has occurred has been from Muslims. It is important to note that if someone is A Sikh, Hindu or Kurd, it is very likely they are not terrorists. I say this because over 80% of the world’s terrorism has been from Muslims and in most cases against other Muslims.

Hindus and Sikhs revolve around validating all Gods and let you leave the religion and come back if you wish. Muslims believe that Mohammad is the messenger of the only true God. Muslims have the choice of killing you or punishing you if you leave Islam.


Only be weary of Muslims. All the other ones range from alright to dope.


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