Antifa at the Sharia March in Boston

Antifa is a gang. You won’t find an interview with them because they refuse to speak to anyone. They call virtually everyone a racist and a nazi. They cover their faces because they’re afraid of getting “doxxed” and getting death threats. They go to protests just to antagonize people and stir up violence. I have seen Antifa at two different protests. At the first protest they tried to intimidate me.

Then before the next protest they wrongly defamed myself and others by calling us Nazis (all of us are closer to Libertarian and back the free market) white supremacists, and KKK members. We actively denounce this at protests.

Look at my adorable little tummy.

The media has been completely silent and in fact the Souther Poverty Law Center is characterizing those who oppose Antifa as white nationalists. Here’s a video comparing Proud Boys and Antifa.

So I go to the protest against Sharia law in the USA. We don’t have Sharia law here. We would like to keep it that way. However, as per usual, people perceive us to be anti-Muslim. And you know what? Some of us are. Which is a bias. It’s common. We all have them. But we should be able to talk, and yes, scream at each other in hopes to come to an understanding. Which is why I had a 20 minute conversation with a Muslim.

I also talked to a trans person for 30 minutes (2 hours in). That’s a total of an hour’s worth of conversation I had with a Muslim and a trans person. Both documented. They still insist on calling me a racist, xenophobe, sexist and so on, which at this point is defamation of character. Furthermore, they wear masks to protect their identity, while following me and documenting what I’m doing.

“followed and surveilled”

Antifa is a gang. They lie and defame their opposition and employ bullying tactics like intimidation and manipulation. If anyone disagrees feel free to get in contact with me and show good examples of Antifa members. Just enter “antifa” on youtube. They’re trash humans, and we need to expose this behavior and open a dialogue about it. They’re a gang. I want them recognized as a gang. Also, I should be able to be white and have a fucking nuanced opinion with having to DEFEND myself against baseless accusations of racism and xenophobia.

Here is a video of me arguing with an Antifa member.



Here’s how seriously we take Antifa.

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