Let me explain what Dinduism is. Dinduism spawned from BLM’s refusal to talk about issues in the black community that other black people are responsible for. BLM has been in the public eye for around three years now and it seems like it is never the right time to talk about black accountability, ever. At all. Even a little bit. Logically, when you only blame other people and not yourselves, you inevitably put a spotlight on yourself. You, intentionally or not, open yourself, your cause and your community, to intense scrutiny.

That having been said, extreme leftists/progressives/liberals/democrats have placed “marginalized groups” (anyone who isn’t a straight, white male) with a pardon for their behavior because they’re “discriminated” against every day. So, how would you act if they was a social pardon for your behavior? How does a child act when they can do no wrong? They knowingly break rules and when confronted they say “I didn’t do anything” or they “dindu nuffin”. Here are some examples.

As you’ll notice it’s mainly black people mainly due to their perpetuated victimization by themselves and people on the left, however anyone can fall into the category as long as they are clearly doing something wrong followed by acting like they “dindu nuffin”.

More recently this is being played in popular media in order to perpetuate black victimhood. Most namely Netflix’s “Dear White People”. There is an underhanded, antagonistic tactic they use in order to inch further and further into a racial divide. They claim that black people can’t be racist, so black people and media can criticize white people to no end and as soon as a white person criticizes black in retaliation they claim racism. Here’s what they openly say about white people. They being liberal media.

Without question, the unquestionable goddess of Dinduism is Korryn Gaines. She repeatedly told the police to kill her and got positive media attention literally saying that she didn’t do anything. Here is a video I made to really drive the point home.

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