Alt Black

The point of these videos I have edited is to challenge the modern liberal/progressive/feminist/BLM/radical perceptions of “blackness” from the voices of Black Americans. With a little bit of commentary from white boys of course.

Nick and Charles Barkley tackle race in America.

The Psyche Of The Radical Black

Dear Black People Series

These videos are critiquing the show Dear White People on Netflix. It appears that they assume the “problem demographic” of white people will not watch these episodes. However, I have made it a point to watch them and record our criticisms and how the show actually makes white people look good and black people look bad by playing on tropes and stereotypes of American Blacks.

Dear Black People Episode 1

Dear Black People Episode 2

Black On Black Minds

Exploring the in-fighting in the black community and the alienation of black people that support personal accountability. The concept of being “black enough” and how it affects the black community as a whole.

Dindu Nuffin’

Showcasing the multiple forms of media that instill and perpetuate victim status of Black Americans. The bigotry of low expectations is becoming the number one social plague in the black community.

White People, Keep on Keepin’ On

A white liberal inaccurately accounts the effect of Dear White People on the white audience it hopes to connect with.

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