HBO’s Baltimore Rising

A critical analysis of the HBO Documentary Baltimore Rising. Many of the issues surrounding the poverty and alleged racism against black people, should be viewed through a wide prism of experiences, not just poor black people.

The most damaging attitude in this documentary is that there is no other option for these black people, but to kill and steal from each other. They willingly excuse the behavior of gang members and self destructive youth.

Furthermore, they blame racism and white supremacy for their position in life and in Baltimore. They also strongly advocate for police that “look like them” to police their communities. Yet when confronted with black arresting police officers, they recite the same rhetoric they do for white police officers.

This has nothing to do with color. This has to do with behavior. It has to do with “thinking you’re black” and “acting like a black person does.” This has to do with culture. It has to do with accountability. It has to do with untrustworthy people heading BLM movements that aim to keep people in a position of poverty for their own selfish gain.

Political elites want us to bicker and fight with each other instead of uniting and challenging those in immense positions of power. At the end of the day, police need to be better trained, and citizens need to comply. Freddie Gray was a career criminal, not once was that brought up in this documentary. This isn’t about race, this is about reducing crime so a police presence isn’t needed as much.

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