A reoccurring list of nobodies that are way cooler and funnier than they think they are. Feel free to leave an inline comment on the track on Soundcloud when you listen.

Joey Numbas

This man has given me the most traffic in part to his lethal podcast Wrestling Soup. He’s a teacher and has a wealth of knowledge in the realm of social interaction. Layman sociologist to the max.

Pharmer Don

My close friend of over a decade. We formed a strong bond on a cross country road trip we went on in 2009. He’s a doctor and cures people’s blood cancer. He’s extremely intelligent and silly.


JJ is a legitimate SJW. WAIT! DON’T LEAVE. He also doesn’t get offended actively engages in debates with me. Since being on the podcast he is currently my roommate. Funny how that works out.


This is my cousin. He is a decade younger than me. He is wise beyond his years. He is retardedly giggly. Also, he is looking to have a career in criminal justice and working closely with the public.


Eddy is a wrestler, storyteller and owner of the prestigious “Everett” Boston dialect. He has a Boston drawl so thick you would think his uncle is Joey Diaz. Regular homegrown Irishman.


She got so drunk she smashed my mirror with her head and fell down my stairs. She’s a convicted felon, infinitely bullshit, and has the personality of a dude. Human battle axe.

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